Outrage as Newfess revealed to be Data Mining operation

Popular Facebook group Newfess has come under fire, as it has been discovered that Newcastle University’s anonymous confession page is actually a front for a huge data mining operation.

An independent enquiry, lead by a team of Newcastle’s finest computer nerds were able to track the page’s logs, finding literally dozens of student’s data had been collected and sold off to various companies. This comes only days after the previous admin stood down from their position. The enquiry found that, though the page was initially set up with honest intentions, the new admins have manipulated the page in order to make a sizeable profit. Most shockingly of all, one of the main benefactors of this data leak was Northumbria University, who spent a whopping £57 on information gathered by Newfess.

We approached one of the new admins for comment, but we were met by a sharp team of lawyers who politely told us to “f**k off.”

One regular Newfess user, who wished to remain anonymous (naturally), had this to say. “As long as I get my daily fill of simp posting and bait, I don’t care who has my data!” A less bemused student was far more damning in their statement. “In all my decades of using Newfess, I could have never imagined they would be up to something so heinous, I thought they had integrity, but now I’m questioning whether or not Newfess is actually a good thing.”

Under Newcastle University’s by-law number 78: sub-clause C, any website or organisation associated with the university caught in data leaking activities will be subject to the full force of the University’s disciplinary proceedings. Though, given they allow stalkers to roam around without consequences, the admins needn’t be too worried.

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