Newcastle University Young Liberals celebrate 10th anniversary by welcoming 2nd member

Newcastle University’s Liberal Democrat society, known as the ‘Young Liberals’, has today announced the registering of its 2nd member. This comes just days after the society celebrated its 10th anniversary.

“We at the Young Liberals are excited to welcome on board our second ever member!.” The club’s president announced. “We’ve been a mainstay at this university for 10 years now, and we are truly excited to see what the next 10 years brings. Who knows, by 2030 we might even have another member!”

The society was founded in order to forward the groups goals of ‘not getting much done’, ‘sucking up to Tories’ and ‘lying about student loan cuts.’ All 3 of which they have succeeded at with flying colours.

The Toon Lampoon was able to contact the society’s latest member for comment. “Wait, they’re a political society? I was just approached by a guy on Facebook and felt kinda bad for him, I didn’t realise it was an actual group. This is extremely awkward.”

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