Campus building work gets major boost from Middle Eastern investors

Despite the academic year getting cut short as a result of COVID-19, the university has some good news to share with its students. The building developments on campus, originally thought to have stalled due to COVID, have received a new boost from a group of “mysterious” Middle Eastern backers.

Revealing the news on its social media channels earlier this week, Newcastle University announced that “the building work around campus will be finished earlier than expected thanks to a multimillion-pound international investment.” Multiple buildings around campus, including the Daysh Building, are currently undergoing extensive refurbishments.

Speaking to The Lampoon, university representative Dr. Stewy Sean-Pheas gave further insight into the altruistic backers behind the investments and the “odd” stipulation in the contract.

“It’s absolutely fantastic to see the pull Newcastle University has to entice such selfless backers to help keep the institution as one of the best in the world.”

“They seemed very keen on changing the name of the Daysh Building. Well… not even changing the name really. Just the spelling of it. We’ve already got the signs changed. In my opinion, it’s great to see such sticklers for correct spelling take an interest in our campus.”

“Yes, it seems like a very weird reason to invest such large amount of money, but these guys were serious. As soon as they turned up on campus in their convoy of Toyota Hilux’s, we knew that these were men who understood business.”

Dr. Sean-Pheas
Some of the updated signage.

The big investment seems like a ray of good news for everyone involved with the university during these times of uncertainty. The Lampoon will endeavour to keep Newcastle students updated on any further developments regarding the building work on campus.

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