Best crying spots in Newcastle

Unfortunately, chances are that while you are at Newcastle University you will have at least a little cry. It’s one of the things you can guarantee about your university experience. That, and crippling debt, which may jolly well be what makes you cry in the first place. But having a cry in your room is so generic, so why not spice up your cry-life with some of the best spots to tear up in Newcastle?

The Robbo

If you’re feeling a bit down and feel in need of letting the water works flow, why not do so in style? Book yourself a room in the Robbo for an hour. Sure, it is supposed to be for studying, but letting all your emotions out seems like a much better use of that time and you can do it in peace and quiet. Only downside is all those gremlins waiting outside for your time to be up so they can crack on with some macroeconomics. That, and having to mop the desk after your sobbing session.

Mog on the Tyne

Crying is always more fun with both a fuzzy companion and a drink to hydrate you for extra tears, and which place has both? Mog on the Tyne, that’s which. What’s better than tearing up while stroking a little kitty? Sure, the cat probably doesn’t give a damn about your wellbeing, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help. And when you’re done you can always use the cat as a hankie.

Image: Sophie Hicks

Grey’s Monument

Crying is the new cool. Doing it shows the world that you are confident and willing to express your emotions. So if you really want to express yourself, do it somewhere everyone can see. Like Grey’s Monument. Sure it’s high up and probably a bit cold, but it’ll make for an exciting cry that everyone will see.

Under the Arches

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and there certainly isn’t a more iconic spot than under the Arches on main campus. It isn’t just the go-to spot to share your dissertation with anyone who will listen, but also prime real estate for lovely little cry session. It also provides some great overhead cover so when it rains the only thing that’ll get wet is your cheeks.

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