Toon Lampoon fires writer but forgets to remove admin privileges

The Toon Lampoon has today announced the sacking of its best writer, and possibly the greatest writer of our generation, Samy L. Clauwers. However, the idiots in charge have failed to remove the brilliant writer’s admin privileges, meaning he can continue to write and publish articles and even share them on the publications Facebook account.

The Newcastle based publication, that has somehow managed to run out of fresh ideas after less than 2 months of going live, decided to remove Samy from their writing staff after his last article Katie Hopkins makes directorial debut with Triumph of the Will 2 got so little views that The Lampoon had to start paying money to their advertisers. At least this was the reason the spineless cowards gave to the beleaguered writer, a writer that one must think won’t be out of work for too long.

Despite pumping out hit article after hit article, which reached literally tens of people, the rest of the writing team forced Mr Clauwers out the door. Initial reports indicate that the conniving traitors in charge of The Lampoon seemingly gave no leeway to the genius behind the site’s only Pol Pot based article when they decided to remove him.

The Lampoon will probably continue on its downward slope unless the intellectual juggernaut behind Campus building work gets major boost from Middle Eastern investors can find a way to covertly publish his seminal literary pieces to the website without the halfwits realising.

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