Keir Starmer promises to be ‘a more forensic and competent arms dealer’ than Boris Johnson

During his first conference speech as Labour leader, Sir Keir Starmer promised to “stop the incompetence” of Boris Johnson’s administration when selling weapons to Middle Eastern dictators and ethnostates yesterday as he outlined his vision for Britain. Speaking in Doncaster, Keir Starmer blasted the PM’s “uncouth” style when arms trading, claiming it shamed a “proud British institution.”

“We’ve sold arms to everybody,” Starmer stated to those present. “Absolutely everybody. But no-one has done it in such an unprofessional way as Mr Johnson. We used to lead the world in selling weaponry to some of the harshest regimes on the world stage. I mean we still do, but we used to look cool while doing it. The Labour Party promises to right these wrongs.”

Starmer and his advisors will hope his speech resonated with the voters who abandoned Labour in 2019. While a general election might be years away, Starmer’s team will be hoping that competency while backing dictatorships will be enough to win over the electorate.

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