Opinion: Not voting for Trump in 2020 makes me a hero, you socialist fucks

Look, leftists, I think that you and I have to get something straight. You need to start acknowledging how magnanimous and forward-thinking I am for not voting for Donald Trump this November, or we’re going to have some real problems.

I voted for Trump in 2016, and I’m not ashamed of that. If the best that you can offer me is Hillary Clinton, with her emails, and Benghazi, and her cheating rapist of a husband, then don’t be surprised when I start looking for other options. And yes: maybe I would have been happier voting for Ted Cruz, or Marco Rubio, or even John Kasich, but I have been a Republican since I was young enough to vote, so don’t expect me to throw a lifelong loyalty to my party out of the window just because my first choice doesn’t get the nod. I voted red down the whole ballot, and I have no regrets.

It seems like it’s been a long time since that election and, I have to admit, your disappointment at Hillary going down to the Donald really made me believe that I’d accomplished something great. Even now, I look back at footage from that night – of college kids with coloured hair and children with dark skin holding each other, eyes wide with fear – and I can’t deny that it makes me want to vote for Trump all over again. But, like I say, it’s been a long time, and there’s been plenty of events over the past four years that have made me take stock and reconsider.

And I’m not talking about the young children that have been forced to live and die in cages for years now, or about the fact that the wall that I voted for hasn’t been put up along the Mexican border yet. Nor do I mean the revelation by a Senate Intelligence Committee that Russia meddled in our national elections on behalf of President Trump, or the fact that he has had a higher turnover of staff and officials than any other President before him, all of whom have gone on to disparage or write tell-all books about how allegedly “unhinged” he is. This doesn’t have anything to do with him getting impeached for withholding aid to Ukraine in order to gain dirt on Sleepy Joe Biden and his son, or the fact that he and the Senate aren’t acting against Russian interference in this election or attempting to halt the sabotage of the United States Postal Service. I’m not saying this because he told the armed forces to teargas protestors and had a priest removed from a Washington DC church so that he could pose with a Bible, or because he’s not been able to demonstrate the mental awareness that I believe a President needs to possess. This isn’t about the unrest that has broken out under his watch or his pardons for Joe Arpaio and Roger Stone, or all of those photos of him with Jeffrey Epstein (who didn’t kill himself, by the way) and Ghislaine Maxwell (who didn’t kill herself, by the way – EDITOR’S NOTE: DELETE IF NECESSARY).

The reason that I am voting against President Trump in the upcoming election is that he claimed that the coronavirus was a “liberal hoax”. Back then, my wife and I believed that’s exactly what it was. We couldn’t help but laugh at all the dumb sheep, hiding inside and keeping a mask over their faces. “Maybe that’ll stop them from talking so much trash about the greatest country in the world,” my dear Lucy used to say.

I say “used to say” because Lucy sadly died a few weeks ago, having been infected with the coronavirus that our President told us was all a big lie. The coronavirus that he and the First Lady have now contracted, after denying its severity all this time.

There’s only so far that you can push a man, and when someone is responsible for the death of your wife, whose only crime was believing a man she thought was the greatest President that this country had ever had, it becomes impossible for you to give them your vote.

So, I’ll be holding my nose and voting for Joe Biden and his socialist agenda. I don’t expect your thanks, and I frankly don’t want them. The day I accept anything from a Demoncrat is the day I want you to put two in my head and bury me in the backyard. Of course, given that none of you snowflakes own guns, that could take a while, so maybe you could just get Hillary’s people to do it for you.

No: what I want is for you to respect how insightful and great-hearted it is of me to change my mind. Maybe you think it’s easy to change your mind in the face of all the opposition, both foreign and domestic, that President Trump has endured during his first term. I bet that you’ve just been loving every one of these so-called “scandals” and the ever-rising death toll, knowing what it’s doing to those of us who voted according to our hearts and our morality back in 2016.

Well, you can just about start giving me the credit that I deserve for this decision and this sacrifice. You owe me that, along with your gratitude and your respect.

And if you don’t give me that, at the very least, then don’t be surprised if I vote for him again this election.

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