Bakeoff contestant exposed as esoteric Hitlerist on Twitter

The Great British Bakeoff was recently cancelled after this year’s hot favourite to win, Dave Simonson, was exposed using a piping bag to draw the black sun and SS runes on his cupcakes.

Twitter users with nothing better to do except rewatch Bake Off also uncovered that Simonson had earlier baked a maple and pecan pie with the symbol of the Order of Nine Angles displayed on the crust.

Our occult correspondent, (who pretends to know about demonology because he thinks it will help him pull goth girls), informs us that the Order of Nine Angles are similar to the Church of Satan except instead of being atheist humanists who hate their Christian parents they actually believe Satan will bring about a galactic white ethnostate. All further comments about their ridiculous beliefs were deleted by our editors out of fear that we may be sacrificed to Hitler.

Paul Hollywood protests the cancellation on the grounds that the black sun may have originated in the SS, but for him it represents the NHS.

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