Satirists dismayed they’re going to have to start trying again

Satire writers across the world are alarmed at Joe Biden’s election victory. With Donald Trump on the way out, they are once again going to have to put some effort into making the world seem insane.

The mood has been decidedly shaky across the world’s best satire outlets, and The Toon Lampoon. One satirist asked our reporter “What are we gonna do now?”

“Trump made things easy. We could report the facts and they’d be too weird not to call satire, but what’s weird about the world after the election?”

“All we have now is a climate meltdown, civil rights movement, global pandemic and staggering wealth inequality.”

“I miss the old days, of war and slightly less staggering wealth inequality. That was a great time to be writing satire.”

Begrudging comedy writers are sobering up to the fact that for the next four years, it might be back to the standards.

“Pretending to be shocked that Biden is racist, and just hoping for an Obama-era scandal. Like a tan suit, or bombing a hospital,” a comedy writer told The Lampoon. “You know, something normal.”

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