Jed Mercurio refuses to reveal “incredible twist” in police procedural spin-off, “Lion of Duty”

Despite rabid speculation from fans of a fictional world where every member of the police is a murderer or a sex criminal, Line of Duty creator Jed Mercurio has offered no details on what he calls “the greatest twist” yet in the show’s upcoming spin-off series, Lion of Duty.

“Trust me, I’m very familiar with the show’s following by now,” he told The Lampoon’s Grim Police Procedural Correspondent. “They’ll beg you to reveal the details early on, but they really want to be shocked when they finally see it onscreen, and that’s how we’re going to play this one.”

Mercurio has refused to divulge any specifics regarding the new show’s elements, though he has promised “some courageous risks when it comes to casting, with some inspiration taken from some of the foremost examples of crime fiction: Turner and Hooch, K-9, Lion.”

“All I can and will say is that this is going to be television that is going to keep its audience, and every single member of its cast, on the edge of its seats,” Mercurio concluded. “In terms of the criminal experience of being hunted by police, I guarantee that we’ll see the most authentic performances yet.”

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