Dad’s bought the presents this year and it’s not good news

Following on from the rest of 2020, another terrifying twist has been thrown one local family’s way – Papa has done the Christmas shopping this year and the only thing you’ll be unwrapping is feigned pleasantries.

While typically the Nation’s mothers are able to multitask family, working, and festive life, adding a pandemic and more dependents than they thought they had has become too much stress for one mother to handle. This means they’ve had to reach out to their support networks – no, not the kids who are now fully functioning adults – they have had to call on the help of the couch-loving father.

Not relinquishing the luxuries of working the kitchen, the mother has passed on the task of buying Christmas presents for friends and family alike. However, the mother here has made a mistake. She has forgotten to give the father a list – what a mistake to have made. The father is approaching the shops at the speed of a man who thinks he will find everything inside, and he is indeed correct. The first and last spot on this festive journey is the supermarket, where he hopes to find toys for the girls and boys as well as soap giftsets for his wife. In lieu of what people actually want, he’ll grab them a handful of festive nuts.

Back home, the gifts have been wrapped – surprisingly quickly and too fast for the mother to check their adequacy. She will have to wait until Christmas day to see beyond the red, crumpled paper and pretend to understand why you have a multipack of bacon rashers.

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