Newcastle University student endures yet more prejudice following term abroad

A student at Newcastle University has been left “reeling” after a scathing assault following her return from her term abroad. The assault has since been labelled a hate crime.

Rosamund Arabella Humphreys, 21, of Royal Tunbridge Wells, was viciously attacked by a so-called friend (who cannot be named for legal reasons) in the early afternoon of 29 December.

Rosamund, who studies French & Philosophy, was in the process of moving back into her flat for the new year in West Jesmond when the verbal tirade occured. Her assailant greeted her, allegedly asking “How was being an immigrant for a term then?”.

Rosamund is white. Thankfully she survived this devastating attack and called 999 to her address before losing consciousness. The assailant was denied bail and will remain in custody until the trial.

A local middle class person informed this reporter, “As you know, if you’re not a person of colour then you’re physically incapable of being an ‘immigrant’ and to refer to someone as such is equal to slashing at them with a knife.”

“The only people who are ‘immigrants’ are the ones towards the bad end of Border Force’s Dulux charts. White people are only ever ‘expats’, since being an immigrant is a dirty thing.”

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