Limited edition Margaret Thatcher Sex Doll already sold out

Despite being described by many as a hellish marriage of right wing views and the height of poor taste, it was today announced that the limited range of sex dolls crafted in the image of former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher has already been completely sold out.

“It’s no surprise, honestly,” said Chief of Fuckpuppet Design Arthur Clamp. “We’ve poured millions into this product, and I believe that it is the most accurate simulacrum of the former premier that there has ever been.”

The Margaret Thatcher Privatesteasation 5000 is reportedly the most advanced sex doll that has ever been produced, boasting an array of never-seen-before features, including a selection of the three-term Prime Minister’s famous quotes that the doll can be programmed to say mid-coitus.

“We are especially proud of the doll’s vocal performance,” Clamp told The Lampoon. “There are snippets from her speeches in there, of course, as well as the whole episode of Yes, Prime Minister that the old girl wrote, with the option for it to be clearly enunciated in her signature style or else muffled and unclear should the doll’s mouth be…obstructed.”

In a further reveal, Clamp announced that any dolls sold to certain areas of the United Kingdom would be shipped with an attachable twelve-inch phallus, “in the event that anyone in the North of England, or Scotland, or Wales, or Ireland would like to turn back the clock and experience the sensation of being roughly fucked by the Iron Lady.”

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