Doctor Who production team sends out casting call for Jimmy Savile

In what has been described as an “unexpected move” by the BBC property, the creative team behind Doctor Who recently sent out a call for actors to portray the DJ, television and radio personality, and mass rapist Jimmy Savile.

“We know that this is a controversial decision,” a spokesman for the long-running series told The Lampoon, “but Doctor Who is not just about aliens, spaceships, and the future. Some of the show’s strongest moments have been concerned with confronting the past: our own faults present in history.”

The science-fiction programme has received acclaim from critics and its audience for previous historical episodes. Rosa, an early episode from Jodie Whittaker’s run as the Doctor received an approval rating of 97% on Rotten Tomatoes and was praised as “an insightful instalment that returns the show to its educational roots and serves as a reminder of how powerful purposeful science fiction can be”.

“I’m not going to deny that Savile’s going to be a challenge,” the spokesperson told our reporter. “We’re talking three hundred potential victims, not to mention the BBC are sort of keen to avoid us making it look like they knew it had been happening since the 1960s. But the team does feel that we can do this story justice. Obviously, we wouldn’t want to erase the suffering of the victims by portraying a timeline where the abuse never happened, so this might be another situation where it’s the Doctor’s role to keep history on track, otherwise…I don’t know: Daleks or something.”

Jimmy Savile is no stranger to BBC programming, having presented Jim’ll Fix It on BBC One from May 1975 to June 1994, as well as being the subject of a tribute following his death in Christmas 2011.

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