Toon Lampoon honours Rush Limbaugh’s memory by also being shitty journalists

Content warning: rape, which Limbaugh once suggested was permissible, and AIDS. The Lampoon does not find these topics funny, and believes in ripping the absolute shit out of anyone who does.

The Toon Lampoon, currently mourning the death of Rush Limbaugh, has decided to honour the deceased’s memory by also being terrible at journalism.

Our writing staff have agreed to emulate Limbaugh by lying and disseminating misinformation. Regrettably, however, moral concerns prevent them from fully committing to the bit, meaning no-one at The Lampoon will be calling a women’s rights activist and contraception campaigner a slut, claiming that COVID-19 is the common cold, accusing a man with Parkinson’s of playing up his disease to win appeal for stem cell research, playing songs that mocked the gay men dying agonising deaths from AIDS, accusing gay men of sexually pleasuring themselves with rodents, mocking the notion of sexual consent or suggesting rape is permissible.

This is just as disturbing to us as it is to you, as the Lampoon staff were not aware they had moral concerns.

The Lampoon would like to extend its deepest sympathies to Limbaugh’s family, who had to live with him for seventy years.

Note: the last joke was written by David Spain, because more than one person at The Lampoon hated this guy.

Featured Image: Gage Skidmore on Flickr

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