Prince Harry gets job as ‘life couch’

Though accidentally misinterpreted by many sources, Prince Harry has just swiped a new job as a real-life human couch, currently residing in a Californian gallery.

Prince Harry, also known as Piece 34561: Is this seat taken?, is getting paid $5M per annum to pretend to be a sofa, a mere pittance really. He is currently the centrepiece of the new exhibit titled The Throne Room, which has seen artists across America recreate their favourite pastime of sitting down.

The caption accompanying the piece invites visitors to “sit all over it” but to “be careful not to walk”. Prince Harry’s lady friend, Meghan Markle, is also part of the exhibit, disguised as a bar stool, complete with rotating cushion.

While Prince Harry has declined further use of his royal title, this Lampoon writer is still using it, because otherwise you won’t know who I’m talking about.

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