JSTOR undergoes minimalist logo redesign

Digital library and – somehow – the most annoying gatekeeper on the internet JSTOR has today unveiled a new minimalist logo. The Lampoon understands this is in anticipation of the site’s upcoming Supreme collab.

JSTOR’s graphic design team agreed to speak about the facelift with The Lampoon’s arts critic, who usually just reviews pornographic literature.

The JSTOR team insisted the redesign was not part of a cynical ploy to stay relevant.

“Relevant? We’re academics,” a spokesperson said.

The spokesperson continued “We needed a way to appeal to younger demographics, and what else were we gonna do? Lower our prices?”

“It’s not like we’re greedy. By the way, if you don’t have university access, these quotes are gonna cost you $85 to rent for 48 hours.”

The spokesperson continued, quickly becoming incensed at the idea of being more open.

“No, fuck you. In fact, if students think we’re gonna be more accessible, we’re gonna add three more institutional log-ins!”

“Hope you hippies like shibboleths.”

Featured Image: UCL

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