Opinion: I liked Mitski before it was cool, and I’m still waiting

As told to Joe Molander

Hello reader, it’s me, the guy who ghosted you on Tinder after mansplaining Virginia Woolf. It’s such a shame, because I was so close to telling you how feminism should be done.

Today, I’m back with another treatise. You can tell I’m an intellect, because I say things like “treatise”.

Among my various intellectual pursuits – such as convincing myself I’m not rich when I live in Kensington – I enjoy listening to Mitski. You probably haven’t heard of Mitski, but that’s okay: I’m such a good feminist that I will happily explain it to you in a slow, over-enunciated voice.

Mitski is a singer-songwriter who’s more underground than the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She’s so obscure that the only monthly listeners she has on Spotify are me, and 6.8mn other people.

There is, of course, one side effect to being a Mitskian, as those in the know call ourselves. Her music is so real and so raw that as soon as you become a devotee, you instantly lose all your friends.

Still, that’s to be expected. The people who speak truth to society are often the furthest alienated from it. Just look at Socrates, or Kayne West.

So no, I don’t mind that my love for Mitski is uncool; in fact, I wear it as a badge of honour. Can you unblock me please?

Featured image: lucasalmei on Pixabay

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