Comedy is about free speech, says comic best known for material about dick and balls

Comedy is a bastion of free speech and expression, according to a comic best known for a set about his dick and balls. More recently, the comedian is known for bemoaning the rise of cancel culture, after spending the 2010s berating feminists for focusing on problems that don’t exist.    

The comic agreed to speak to us, after we told him that The Toon Lampoon is a podcast.

“Stand-up can be used to accomplish powerful things, like giving a stadium full of women the ick simultaneously,” he said.

“I mean, no wonder comedy was banned by the Nazis.”

“Sorry, did I say Nazis? I meant to say feminists,” he continued, before raising his eyebrows at our reporter until she forced a laugh.

“I would be nothing without the penis and testicle soliloquy. Creatively, it’s my bread and butter.”

“Or should that be bread and boner?” he asked, before scribbling what he’d just said into a notebook labelled ‘Gold dust’.

Earlier this year, the comic had declared he had been cancelled, which, funnily enough, made headlines.

Featured image: 4753994 on Pixabay

Breaking: cancelled people actually erased from history

The Toon Lampoon can reveal that people who are cancelled by people on Twitter are actually sent into the purgatorial abyss between dimensions, and all trace of them is erased from history.

We reached out to find someone who had been cancelled, but couldn’t find anyone, because they never existed in the first place.

An artist’s impression of what the interdimensional abyss might look like

It appears that millions have been wiped from existence in recent years with the rise of ‘cancel culture’.

Author of the famous Harry Potter series, Daniel Radcliffe, told The Lampoon “Thank god I haven’t been cancelled, I’ve heard that transphobia and racism can literally wipe you from this dimensional plane”.

This journalist can agree. Being utterly expunged from history seems pretty bad, but at least it’s not simply being called out for bigoted views and continuing to be able to speak out and have massive wealth.

That would be a real nightmare.