Courier website crashes after more than 4 users try to access it at once

The website for Newcastle University’s second favourite student-run paper went down on Saturday afternoon, after facing an unprecedented amount of server traffic.

Admins scrambled to fix the problem, but by the time the website was up and running again, the peak had passed.

We spoke to one of the server administrators about the cause of the crash, as well as what measures they have taken to ensure it does not happen again. “At around lunchtime on Saturday, July 4th, we received an alert that one of our websites was at peak capacity. When we checked the logs, we saw that a record 5 people were trying to access the website at the same time, far above the usual rate. By the time we realised there was an issue, the website had already been down for around an hour. We have increased capacity size, so that now as many as 10 people can view the site simultaneously. We’re not too worried about that limit ever being reached.”

For now, the website seems to be mostly working as intended, though there seems to be a slight factual error as it is calling itself ‘Newcastle’s favourite student paper.’ Someone should look in to that.