Designer of Fenwick Christmas window display already settled on burning trashbag

The set designer for the beloved Fenwick Christmas display has already settled on an idea, months before December. Harris Tercrat – who works an entire twenty four hours a year and earns upwards of a quarter million pounds – has landed on a burning trashbag.

The move has set the world of art alight, and a trashbag. Speaking to The Lampoon, Tercrat admitted “it’s difficult to sum up any year with a window display, and even harder to make it seem positive.”

“In 1992, the Queen referred to the year as an ‘annus horribilis’. For that display, we paid a look-a-like of Elizabeth to cry from a balcony, like the one attached to her multi-million pound home.”

 “I have to say, for a while now, we’ve thought 2020 would be one of the easier ones. After everyone started making those 2020 vision jokes, we were going to put a bunch of glasses everywhere and a note that said ‘happy now?’”

“Suffice to say we knew we were in trouble since January, but what better summary is there of the year than a bag full of burning wrappers and rotting vegetables?”

Little is known about the Fenwick Christmas window display, except that it predates the Fenwick window. The founder of Fenwick actually built the shop around the display, which appeared every late December without explanation.

A set designer has only been attached to the display since the 1980s, whose role is almost entirely providing the set-ups to the jokes in this article.